The Story

The Story of Moylyn Present Oy began in November 2017, when the first sketches of our products were drawn on paper. We based our products on the idea, that even though people are distancing themselves from the church, in the times when we are faced with the biggest things in life, we want to ask for protection and comfort – from somewhere out there.

The product range of Moylyn Present Oy was born from powerful guidance and a clear vision. Simple and timeless shapes were drawn on paper almost unaided, and gradually we began to develop the ideas further. The products combine an imposing look and a touching message hidden inside. In the design, we have paid special attention to the streamlined style that fits both traditional and modern homes.

The name of the company comes from the name of a very small island in Simo, in the middle of nowhere, as well as the address of founder of the company. The many facets and the multiple uses of the word ‘present’ reflect the company character and message in an almost exhaustive manner, pre-sent, present, a present.

Moylyn Present is one person’s vision that in our disconnected and hectic lifestyle we may yearn for something that we could stop at. When decorating, we may wish to find a product that will stand the test of time and communicates something meaningful just with its presence. Whether our products will find their way into people’s homes remains to be seen. – The story is just beginning.


Virpi Rajaniemi
Moylyn Present Oy