Data Protection and Privacy Policy


Name: Moylyn Present Oy
Phone: +358 40 7002155
Address: Möylyntie 46, 94700 KEMI

Contact Person In Matters Concerning The Register 

Name: Virpi Rajaniemi
Address: Möylyntie 46, 94700 KEMI
Phone: +358 40 7002155

Name of The Register online store customer register

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Orders in the online store form the core content of the customer register. The data is collected for processing the orders and for delivering them.

We have a contact form in our online store that collects e.g. the customer’s email and name.

Data Content of Register

The register contains the following data:

For the orders, we collect the following information: the name, address, email and phone number of the customer.

Regular Sources of Information

We collect the information concerning our customers inter alia:

  • From the order addresses
  • From our customers by email or by phone with respect to the customer relationship, an order or a joint project
  • Based on billing information or from public contact details of a customer or a collaborator

Regular Transfers of Data

Moylyn Present Oy will not share the data in the register with third parties

Transfer of Data Outside The EU or The EEA 

In its marketing, Moylyn Present Oy does not use services based outside the EU

Principles of Data File Protection 

The register is protected in the electronic systems of Moylyn Present Oy and its subcontractors that comply with appropriate data protection. Only people who are entitled to use the data in their work have access to the data. For example, the accountant will handle the invoices, the person delivering the order will process the email addresses and the supplier of the e-commerce technical platform will process data in technical maintenance. Data is not stored manually.

Right of Access

Persons registered in the customer database have the right to check the data stored about them.

The customer can ask to review, delete or download their data by sending a request to The cookie policy of Moylyn Present takes into account the individual’s right to decide which cookies are used during their visit.

Right to Have The Data Rectified 

The data subject should send a request for rectification of data to and we will correct the information.

Other rights pertaining to the processing of personal data

Right To Be Forgotten

A person recorded in the customer register has the right to deny the controller the right to process data concerning them, and to leave the list.
Communication based on cookies is blocked through the user’s browser settings.
Invoicing information cannot be deleted as it must be stored under the Accounting Act.

Cookie Information

We collect cookies on our website. Some of the cookies improve the technical usability of the page. Others collect information about users and this cookie-based information can be, for example, content related to the use of the site, such as what content is viewed most often and which devices are used the most (e.g. Google Analytics). These are the so-called third-party cookies.

Cookies give information about each user, but the user cannot be identified based on the data, they remain anonymous.

The Online Store collects cookies both from visitors and from registered users. When a customer submits an order, their data is stored in the online store register. The online store also uses cookies e.g. when identifying which cart belongs to which user. These are the so-called essential cookies, and without them, the online store would not work properly.

The cookies on the online store website are mostly related to marketing and Google Analytics tracking of the visitors on the site. This information cannot be associated with personal data, but includes only non-personally identifiable information about the visit. If, for any reason, the visitor does not want to have their visit tracked, it is possible to disable the tracking through the browser settings. You can change the settings at any time.


Cookies associated with the online store functionality:

woocommerce_cart_hash woocommerce_items_in_cart
Stores information about products added to the cart. The cookie expires when the session ends.


_ga cookie is a Google Analytics visitor-tracking cookie that we use to measure different visitor parameters, such as their arrival on our site, the way they move on our webpages and the duration of their visit. This data is non-personally identifiable. The cookie will last for 2 years unless you clear it from the browser cache.

_gid cookie is also a Google Analyticsin visitor-tracking cookie that will last for 24 hours.

_gat cookie will last for 1 minute


ShareThis cookies

_Unam cookie is part of the ShareThis service, and monitors visitors’ clicks on the site to social media services via the “share this” or “like us” navigation buttons and the time the visitor spends on the site. ShareThis will not associate visitors with user data unless the visitor is signed in to ShareThis and has given their explicit consent.

More information about the cookie:


This cookies starting with ”wfvt” contain general information about the visitor’s location (to know the time zone the visitor is in). They are known as session cookies and are destroyed when the visitor leaves the site.