Moylyn Present is proud to announce a new, innovative product range representing Finnish design and manufacturing that carries an ancient message. The influence and power of the brand get their inspiration from the Bible, its beautiful words and its comforting content. The brand seeks to bring the message of the Bible closer to the people and the everyday life we are living today. The aim of the brand is to bring to everyone’s reach, in a novel way, something that has we have been distanced from over time.

The product family includes five timeless products exuding a minimalist design. The message hidden inside the products is asking for protection and guidance from the Most High, for the most significant and most touching moments in life. The products reflect the feelings raised by religious services – baptism, house blessing, confirmation, marriage or funeral, using the words of ordinary people.

The brand offers its customers beautiful, moving home decor products and gift items that create faith, comfort and security with their mere presence. The product range describes the greatest feelings in life in words and offer a life-long, unique memory.  Moylyn Present wants to believe in a world where a small child is allowed to rely on the Heavenly Father and the angel walking beside. – A world, where the gospel can accompany us, in our everyday lives and in interior design. The company aims at creating durable design for the daily life, lasting from one generation to the next, and seeking recognition even in the international market.